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Snell Law Firm An Oil & Gas Title Practice - Oklahoma City Oil and Gas Landmen Attorney
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George was born in Pampa, Gray County, Texas. He attended Baylor University and Baylor Law School graduating in 1972 with BA and JD degrees.

Since 1972, George has practiced law in Amarillo. He maintained a general practice, including litigation, until 1979. In1979, George joined an attorney who had been preparing title opinions for oil and gas purposes since 1966. George also limited his practice to the oil and gas and real property areas, focusing primarily on the preparation of title opinions for all purposes. George and his former partner, now deceased, have together prepared over 7,000 title opinions.

From 1985 to 1991, he was one of the team of speakers teaching AAPL’s Certification Review course. He taught NADOA’s Certification Review course from 1993 to 1996. George has  spoken at many other industry seminars for landmen, division order analysts and bar associations. Many of his articles have been published in The Landman.

Since 1989, George has served on the Texas Bar’s Title Standards Joint Editorial Board. The purpose of title standards is to summarize the law on a real property subject and provide practical solutions to common conveyancing problems. All real estate practitioners, including oil and gas practitioners, should be familiar with the title standards of any state where they conduct business.

While George is not a member of a firm in the traditional sense, George has put together a network of title lawyers in 21 states who work together for both business and writing purposes. All other lawyers have written articles comparing the oil and gas law of their state to Texas, using the same format as in the prototype article written in 1989 which compares the oil and gas law of Oklahoma to Texas. AAPL published all 21 articles in a two volume set in mid-2011. One volume integrates all 21 articles by the 170+ topics, while the other volume contains each state’s article in full.

George has lived in Amarillo, TX with his wife Bonnie for 44 years.  In addition to golf, his hobby is speaking at industry events.  George and Bonnie have one son,  Grant who lives in  Kalispell, MT, with his wife and two children, ages 5 and 2.  Grant is a member of the Crowley Fleck law firm and maintains an estate planning and small business practice.

As a solo practitioner, George has more flexibility in administrative matters than a larger firm. For example, depending upon the volume of work to be done, he answers the phone either "Hard working lawyer’s office" or "Hardly working lawyer’s office"!